Critical Care Service

Our Critical Care physicians have been caring for critically ill and injured patients in the region's top intensive care units (ICUs) for more than 40 years.

Today, they serve as medical directors and lead physicians in several metro-Denver hospitals, including the Level I Trauma Center at St. Anthony Hospital, Porter Adventist Hospital, Parker Adventist Hospital, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital and St Antony North Hospital.  Each of these skilled specialists is board certified, making our practice one of the region's most highly credentialed for this level of care.

By definition, a critical illness or injury is one that impairs one or more vital organ systems to the point that it is imminently life threatening. Among the conditions managed are central nervous system (brain) failure, circulatory (heart) failure, shock, and failure of the renal (kidney), hepatic (liver), metabolic or respiratory (lung) systems.

Our physicians work as a team to manage these complex conditions with constant awareness of the individual and family involved. In the ICU, they guide care as part of a larger team that includes other physician and nursing specialists, therapists, technologists and support staff. This multidisciplinary care team meets regularly with each patient's family during the course of ICU care to assure clear communication for the best possible decision making.

Health care costs are at the highest they have ever been and rising.  We are proud of the fact that for years our physicians have helped setup and run ICUs across several hospitals keeping costs down while significantly improving the quality of care delivered and improved patient survival.


chat.png What People Say:

Dear Dr. Bost & Staff, I so appreciate the outstanding care G_ received from all of you. Each of you have a special place in my heart. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and wonderful care. -Fondly, MC

Dr. Lange, What a difference your diagnosis of my sleep apnea has made. I had the dental appliance made. I have been using it very successfully for several months now. I sleep better, get up much less frequently, don’t wake my husband, and have more energy. Thank you again for your excellent education regarding this condition. I will be sharing what I learned with others who may be interested. Blessings, -JB

Dear ICU staff at Parker Hospital, Thank you all for your excellent care given to my father DWD, while at your hospital. Your compassion was very much appreciated and will be remembered. Sincerely, GD

I have severe insomnia and have tried many different things to get a good night's rest. Dr. Riley evaluated my condition and recommended a new treatment I had never tried before. I can finally get some sleep! -SN

Dear Dr. Lange, Just a note to thank you so very much for your patience while answering all of my questions during my recent appointment. I am very fortunate to have such a brilliant, caring doctor with an accompanying fine sense of humor as you. With gratitude and best regards - LP